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Accounts Preperation

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Accounts Preperation

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Accounts for your business are often completed at the end of the financial year. They must include specific reports such as a balance sheet and a profit and loss account.

If you are a Limited Company, accounts must legally be filed with Companies House and HMRC annually.

A set of accounts also provides you with a clearer picture of how your business is performing.

Occasionally, third parties may ask to review your annual figures. For instance, if you are applying for a mortgage or business loan, or considering selling your business.

In some cases a lender will require an accountant’s reference. We can provide this on request if we have prepared your accounts and or tax returns for you.

Producing a full set of completed accounts for your business is not an easy task. Therefore, it  is a task best completed with the specialist knowledge of a qualified accountant.

Here at Simple Taxes, our chartered accountants in England and across the UK are experts at preparing business accounts. We offer a 100% online service, to speed up and simplify your taxes.

We ask that you fill out a basic form on our website. This will help us to gain an understanding of your income sources. One of our accountants will then be in touch with you, to request any documentation we will need to complete the work. Documents are exchanged and e-signed via our free, secure online portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

To prepare the annual financial accounts for your business, we require details of your income and expenses for the year. This can be relayed to us using spreadsheets, business bank statements. We can also use reports from software if you use it.

If you own a Limited Company, accounts are a legal requirement and must be filed at Companies House and HMRC every year.

In addition, accounts can be also be required for other scenarios such as; part of a mortgage or loan application process, to assist in the sale of your business, or even just for your own personal record to keep check on the performance of the business.

If you are a Limited Company, you must prepare and file accounts with Companies House and HMRC every year. Not doing so will result in some hefty penalties.

If you are a sole trader, annual accounts aren’t a legal requirement like they are when you have a Limited Company. However, you will likely be required to prepare your financial accounts at some point. For example, if you require a business loan, or you are applying for a mortgage.

There are a broad range of situations when you may require accounts preparation. From regular annual statutory accounts for your own personal use, to more unique circumstances. Some common cases include:

  • LEGAL REQUIREMENT – If you are a Limited Company, filing accounts annually to Companies House and HMRC is a legal requirement.
  • MORTGAGE – When applying for a mortgage, a bank or financial institute may request your financial accounts information over a specific accounting period which will likely span multiple years, our team can ensure you and your business are fully prepared for this with our yearly accounting services.
  • LOANS – When you require additional funding for your investment business activities, a loan may be the best option available to you. Our accounting services can make sure that all of your accounts are in perfect order, giving you the best chance possible of securing the finance you need.
  • BUSINESS – If you are considering selling your business, any interested buyers will want to look at your accounts to get a better view of how the business is performing. By choosing Simple Taxes to prepare your annual accounts you can be fully organized and prepared for any  potential buyers.

Yes, we can provide an accountant’s reference on request if we have completed your accounts and or tax returns for you. Ask your lender to email the reference request to your assigned accountant directly and they will be happy to help.

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