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Save time and money with our rewards

We Love to Reward our Clients

Earn and Save £££’s

Refer & Earn

Refer Simple Taxes to your friends!

What’s in it for you?

  • £30 for every successful new client sign-up with Simple Taxes.
  • Payable at the end of the month, following receipt of the first payment from your referee.

What’s in it for them?

  • Their first month free when signing up to one of our pay monthly packages.
  • Or £30 off their first invoice.
Simple Taxes
Quickbooks Certified

Discounted Bookkeeping Software

We’ve teamed up with the digital tax software giant QuickBooks to offer our clients a discounted price of £20 per month

With 5.9 million worldwide subscribers, and our trusted recommendation, you can use this fantastic user-friendly software for your record-keeping and invoicing, saving money when purchased through Simple Taxes!  

Normally £33.60 per month when choosing the recommended ‘Essentials Package’. That’s a 40% monthly saving

You can take a look at QuickBooks HERE.

Contact us to setup your subscription so that we can apply the discount for you.

PolicyBee - Business Insurance

We choose PoilcyBee to provide hassle-free small business insurance for freelancers, sole traders and limited companies. With priceless advice and award-winning service thrown in. 

PolicyBee is a digital, independent specialist insurance broker for small businesses. Frustrated at how unnecessarily complex, confusing, lengthy and expensive business insurance was, PolicyBee provides a better way! 

You can take a look at PolicyBee HERE.

If you’re looking for business protection, click on the following link to get started.

Business Insurance
Business Insurance
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