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Marriage Allowance

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Employee Expenses & Marriage Allowance

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Tax refunds for married couples

If you are married you may well be entitled to claim marriage allowance, backdated for the last 4 tax years, meaning you could be due a tax refund of up to £1200.

Marriage allowance allows the lower earner to transfer 10% of their personal allowance to their spouse, reducing their spouses tax bill.

For example – the current year personal allowance is currently £12,570, which means £1,260 can be transferred, which means a tax saving of £252 this year.

Marriage allowance eligibility:

  • The lower earner must earn below the £12,570 personal allowance in the tax year
  • The higher earner must earn over the personal allowance to benefit from the transfer
  • The higher earner must be a basic rate taxpayer (earning less than £50,270 in the tax year)

Marriage Allowance
Employees Taxes

Tax refunds for employees

If you are employed and incur any of the below expenses, which aren’t reimbursed by your employer, you may be entitled to a tax refund. Expenses include:

  • Work from home
  • Laundry
  • Uniform
  • Equipment
  • Mileage
  • Membership fees
  • Business trips – hotels & meals
Simple Taxes

100% online application

By using our 100% online system, you will get the quick & professional tax refund service you need for a one-off fee, no hidden costs. Our tax specialists will have your tax refund application completed and filed with HMRC in no time.

Most UK taxpayers overpay their tax each year by not claiming tax relief on expenses and allowances that they are entitled to.

We charge a set one-off admin fee of £60 and TAKE NO CUT of your refund.

Your refund is 100% yours and paid directly from HMRC to you.

If you would prefer, you can apply for a tax refund yourself through the HMRC website here. You can apply for marriage allowance yourself here

Frequently Asked Questions

Claim your refund in 3 simple steps:

1 – Click Start Now to send us your details

2 – Your tax accountant will email you the relevant forms for e-signing, and request any further information that could benefit your claim

3 – Make payment of our £60 admin fee, sit back and await your refund!

Unlike other tax refund companies we do not take a percentage of your refund. Your refund will be sent directly from HMRC to you. We simply charge a £60 administration fee at the start of the process.

The average timescale for a tax refund to process with HMRC is 8-12 weeks. This can take longer during busy periods at HMRC, and if HMRC decide to carry out further checks.

Yes, you should retain all receipts and mileage records for any expenses that you are claiming for. Without receipts we will not be able to put in a claim. You will need to provide these if HMRC ask, and can be fined if you have not kept them.

You can claim for the current tax year, and the previous four tax years. If your claim is for the current tax year HMRC will usually adjust your code so that you pay less tax.

No, you aren’t due a tax refund if there has been no tax paid.

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