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Whether you are a new business, or you have been in business a long time, Simple Taxes can help you meet your VAT obligations.

Preparing VAT returns on a quarterly basis can be an extremely complex and time-consuming process for business owners.

Under new rules, all VAT returns must be submitted using Making Tax Digital compliant software.

With a wealth of experience in VAT, Simple Taxes can take the quarterly stress off your shoulders and ensure you never miss a deadline, avoiding any nasty penalties and interest.

We can prepare and file your quarterly VAT returns either from your bookkeeping software, your spreadsheets, or your business bank statements.

Our fees depend on the complexity of your records, and the number of transactions. 

If you like to prepare your own VAT figures, but just don’t have the software to submit them, we can help with this too. We charge a quarterly fee of just £50 to submit your figures for you to HMRC.

Let us keep you compliant and reclaim the maximum amount of VAT that you are entitled to, keeping your VAT bills as low as they can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your business turnover exceeds £85,000 in a 12-month period, you will need to register for VAT.

In most cases you should receive your VAT number within 30 days. This could take longer if HMRC need to undertake further checks.

You should include VAT within your total cost but you cannot show VAT on your invoice until you have a VAT number. From your customer’s point of view, they cannot reclaim any VAT on your invoice until your invoice has a valid VAT number on it. If your customer is VAT registered, you can re-issue your client with an amended invoice once you have your VAT number, so that they can reclaim the VAT.

The standard rate of VAT is 20%. You will pay 20% of your sales as VAT over to HMRC. Less any VAT reclaimed on purchases.

The flat rate scheme is an option for businesses with a turnover under £150k. With the flat rate scheme you will pay a reduced rate of VAT on your sales, but not reclaim any VAT on purchases (unless you have purchased an asset for over £2000). The rate you will pay depends on your sector. Further details can be found in the below link:

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